Defying Gravity - Five Space Movies You Must Watch

The movie Gravity is the surprise hit of the 2013 Fall Movie Season, netting more than $100 million internationally for the first weekend. But it may not be the best space movie ever. Here is a list of the top five films involving astronauts in outer space, that deal with the elements and exploration, not your Star Wars type films covering wars and magic.

Civil War - a Battle Between Iron Man and Captain America

This movie is extremely enjoyable and raise very interesting point when you watch Captain America Civil War online - the question is if the superheroes need to be past the grasp of global regulation or if their actions should be followed strictly. It's a concern with modern society in a comic books that's improved by the recent films. This divides or favorite heroes in two rival camps and both of them have their supporters.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent won't Disappoint you

For those searching for countinious action, rather amazing unique impacts and also strong performing by the youthful lead characters - watch Insurgent - it will certainly not dissatisfy you.
A brand-new crease in the second movie is the discovery of a mystical steel box, etched with the icons of all 5 intrigues. Winslet's Jeanine is consumed with the item and also thinks that just a real Divergent has the power to open up the container