Defying Gravity - Five Space Movies You Must Watch

The movie Gravity is the surprise hit of the 2013 Fall Movie Season, netting more than $100 million internationally for the first weekend. But it may not be the best space movie ever. Here is a list of the top five films involving astronauts in outer space, that deal with the elements and exploration, not your Star Wars type films covering wars and magic.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent won't Disappoint you

For those searching for countinious action, rather amazing unique impacts and also strong performing by the youthful lead characters - watch Insurgent - it will certainly not dissatisfy you.
A brand-new crease in the second movie is the discovery of a mystical steel box, etched with the icons of all 5 intrigues. Winslet's Jeanine is consumed with the item and also thinks that just a real Divergent has the power to open up the container